FisicaLab is now a GNU package

FisicaLab is a GNU package since last 24 December, but I take a while to make all related changes. This is an educational app to solve physics problems. Currently it can solve problems about kinematics of particles, statics of particles and rigid bodies, dynamics of particles (all these in two dimensions) and some problems of heat and calorimetry. To develop this app I use GNUstep and GSL. So, FisicaLab with the default GNUstep’s theme looks like this:

FisicaLab running on WindowMaker.

FisicaLab running on WindowMaker.

However is possible adapt the appearance according to the desktop. The binary package, available only for GNU/Linux 32 bits, uses a theme called Silver and in-window menu. This looks like:

FisicaLab running on Gnome 3.

FisicaLab running on Gnome 3.

This latest release is a bug fix. I, inadvertently, introduced some bugs that affect only the English interface. So, the English users are encouraged to update at this latest version, where all those bugs are solved.

You can download the full documentation here. This contains not only the description of the FisicaLab’s elements, also contains a lot of examples about how use FisicaLab. This isn’t still at GNU manuals, because I have some problems with TexInfo, but I will solve this soon.

Maybe in next months, I will start a fundraising campaign to support the development of FisicaLab. For the moment, if you want contribute see donate.


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