GNU FisicaLab is requesting your support


FisicaLab is requesting your support to give students a free application to learning physics. Don’t allow that educational institutions become a place where companies can promote the dependence to their privative packages.

Help to liberate the schools from using privative software. Students deserve free software in their schools and universities. With your support to FisicaLab you will help to educational establishments for moving in this direction.

The next release is planned to have modules for fluid mechanics and thermodynamics (power cycles), alongside features like read/save problems, filtering of factors in contextual menu and many others. So help FisicaLab to reach $ 7k at March 31, to give students a chance of get an ethical education with free software. What are you waiting for? Make a donation today and spread the word with your friends.


One thought on “GNU FisicaLab is requesting your support

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