gs-emacs 0.1

Well, after play some time with elisp I wrote this package to add a entry called GNUstep to Emacs menu. This entry has three options, two are to make simple App/Tool projects (for beginners). The third is for replace the non English characters to its corresponding code. This is useful for strings and plist files. This three commands can be executed with, respectively: M-x make-app, M-x make-tool y M-x replace-foreign-characters. The image below show the menu:


A Tool project:


This package also offers auto-complete for Objective-C and the possibility to open gorm files in dired (load):


Compiling and testing a tool:


You can download this package here. Just untar this somewhere and in your .emacs file add something like:

(load-file “/home/user/gs-emacs/gnustep.el”)

See README file if you have installed GNUstep with a non default layout. This is if you need run the GNUstep script.

My intention with this package is help Emacs’ users to learn GNUstep, and make known this wonderful development environment. So I hope this package will be helpful.