Configuring GNUstep

I made a small video to show how configure GNUstep in desktops other than WindowMaker. However the official website of GNUstep changed the same day I uploaded this video. So, the instructions are slightly different. You can found the themes at GNUstep Wiki, but the link to the wiki is now at External option in top menu, not at right side as show the video. In this I use the application SystemPreferences, but all these changes can be done in a terminal using the tool defaults. For example, I use this tool to change the configuration automatically when I switch from WindowMaker to Gnome, or vice versa. With this you will see how easy is configure GNUstep in other desktops. Click the image to see the video:

Configuring GNUstep


2 thoughts on “Configuring GNUstep

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